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My nvidia card nightmare

I post this here, since maybe someone finds it useful. Recently my nvidia 6600GT graphics card (on a 3yrs old PC) had serious problem and nothing was displayed any more.My PC’s diagnostic leds displayed error on the graphics card.
Btw my motherboard is Diamond P4N which support PCI Express 1.0 and SLI So I bought a new one Asus EN210 which is PCI Express 2.0. I removed the old graphics card and installed the new one.
The goal is to install the drivers without formatting the PC (WindowsXP unfortunately).
For two days the installation displayed: "The NVIDIA setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit.".
I tried everything I could google of: motherboard BIOS update, switching to standard VGA and many, many more. Device manager was not able to locate it. I had also on another partition Windows Vista. I also tried to install it there but the same message appeared. So, I thought it was something on hardware...
I tweaked BIOS with no luck..
Finally the solution came by luck: I put the old graphics card 6600GT to the second SLI slot. The bus changed from 16-1-1-1 to 8-8-1-1. Device manager finally recognized the card and I could install the driver! BUT, 6600GT was still on top of the list…so, switch to safe mode and disable it from Device Manager. Proceed then with normal installation of the drivers.
Leave a comment if you have another solution
Btw, in the VISTA partition I installed Windows 7 and removed the VISTA installation. Windows 7 runs like a charm...