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About me

Well this is me! Please feel free to drop me an e-mail at:  tranoris at

I was born in mid 75 (ok that's May), at Athens, Pagkrati, near the area called Agios Artemios.

Since late 80's, my parents saw that I'm a computer f-r-e-a-k so they constantly lost me at a friend’s home, who kindly let me use his Amstrad CPC6128…(between Shinobi breaks)..! Later I also got one and started programming in Basic and assembly for some 8bit computer games!

From then till now, I work for software, I have studied it, and it’s kind of a hobbit for me. I program for fun and living. I have created more than a hundred small and large applications, have participated in projects, created a small software company and managed to get a PhD.

I love any programming language, if it’s Object Oriented.., and lately Eclipse , Domain Specific Languages, SOA and Patterns are my favourite toys! Ooops, I also like sailing, so maybe some time you will lose me with a 3g card in the mid of the Ionian sea….

I’m a fun of Software Engineering disciplines, modern software agile methodologies, a TDD and MDSD fan, an Eclipse evangelist for free and I like any software challenge.

My motto follows my engineering-oriented-way of life: “Don’t worry. I’ll think of something…” Ok, I "borrowed" it from Grady Booch and his book Object Solutions at late 97, originally told from Indiana Jones on Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Submitted by tranoris on September 15, 2010 - 14:13.